How Nutrition Savvy Are You?

March is National Nutrition Month. Take the quiz and see just how nutrition savvy you are!

1.  Sources of complete vegan proteins include:

a.  Chia seeds
b.  Hemp seeds
c.  Quinoa
d.  All of the above

2.  Vitamin K can be found in:

a.  Primarily in green vegetables, such as broccoli and asparagus along with dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale
b.  Meat and eggs
c.  Beans, soybeans, strawberries
d.  All of the above


3.  The best memory boosting foods come from: 

a.  Berries
b.  Fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna and sardines
c.  A Mediterranean diet, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and oils such as olive
d.  All of the above

4.  The best way to handle a food allergy is to:
a.   Eat small amounts of foods containing the allergen
b.   Wash hands frequently
c.   Avoid the allergen
d.   B and C

5.   It’s important to consume protein at every meal.
a.  True
b.  False

Adapted in part from Susan’s book, Boomer Be Well! Rebel Against Aging through Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle available at


1.        D
2.        D
3.        D
4.        D
5.        A

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